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As demand grows in the AEC industry for the implementation of BIM, so does the demand for the creation of BIM schematics for existing buildings. Scan-to-BIM is quickly becoming an integral part of the BIM process. Where a project involves a pre-existing structure or site (as it will in most cases), reality capture of as-built conditions can provide the model with the most critical information before a designer even gets to work. So here it is, the short and pithy summary: Scan-to-BIM is the process of digitally capturing a physical space or site as laser scan data, which feeds into the initial creation, development and maintenance of a BIM model.

We deliver accurate and parametric As-Built BIM Model and 2D CAD Model depicting the pipes, walls, slabs, roof planes, facades, and landscapes in and around the building. We provide models with LOD 100 to 500 to our clients covering all Architectural, Structural, MEPFP Elements along with Clash Detection for their Renovation, Refurbishment, Retrofit, or Reconstruction Projects.

We have experience of developing both Revit (.rvt) and CAD (.dwg) files from different formats of scans or point cloud data usually captured by commonly used laser scan machines— Leica Geosystems, Trimble, Faro Scanners, Reigl scanners. We also convert other format data (i.e. .fls, .e57, .pcg. .obj, .ptg) into Revit-ready format. We create information-rich BIM Ready 3D Model for Architectural, Structural and MEP+FP Requirement, and Clash-free integration.



Every Scan-to-BIM project consists of four stages:

  • Data capture and processing is the activity of gathering and storing information from a site using a laser scanning device, and sometimes other items like cameras, measurement tools, and recording devices.
  • Clean-up is about refining the data retrieved from the capture device(s) into a standalone deliverable, like a point cloud, or an accessible format for end-use applications.
  • Modeling is tracing a 3D virtual representation of the physical site, based on a point cloud file.
  • Quality assurance is the detection, correction, and validation of all project information to verify the model’s accuracy and meet client expectations.

Keeping them in mind, we promise to deliver:

  • Accurate reproduction of point cloud scan
  • 3D BIM models with required LOD 100 to 500
  • As-built 2D drawings with dimensions, annotations, layering
  • On-time delivery


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